How Big Data Hadoop Certification Helped Achieve a Career Dream

Simply being good at your job doesn’t always cut it, especially if you don’t feel adequately challenged. I realized this early in my career, working as a primary domain controller (PDC) tester at Capgemini after earning my bachelor’s degree in computer science. The role left me unfulfilled, but as I looked around at some of the cutting edge technologies Capgemini was embracing, I began to envision a different career path.

I realized my future was in big data, but I needed additional training to get there. I was lucky to have an employer that supported my ambitions. I could have coasted along in my job as a tester and then moved on to another employer. But my employer and I valued our relationship; we knew we could do more together. By helping me invest in my future, my employer invested in their continuing success as well.

Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer Course (FREE)

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Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer Course (FREE)

I envisioned myself as a big data architect and knew this complex field required additional training and certification. Since big data architects serve as important conduits between business and technology—essentially, using data to make smarter business decisions—they require a great deal of knowledge and competency in both worlds. This is why they’re so highly valued (and well-compensated!)

A friend told me about Simplilearn, which I decided was a great fit after comparing it to other training options and then meeting with an executive at Simplilearn’s Bangalore office. With support from my employer, I (along with five of my colleagues) signed up for the Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer course.

Simplilearn offers the option to switch trainers if they don’t suit your learning style, but that wasn’t an issue for me. In addition to teaching technical content and theory, the instructors provided several practical demonstrations that I was able to implement at my workplace. I also did some of the training sessions at work, again with support from my employer.

I received a Simplilearn certificate upon course completion, which I added to my resume and LinkedIn profile. Armed with the ability to apply this cutting edge technology in a workplace setting, I was ready to leave my job as a tester behind. I asked my manager for a transition into the field of big data. Eventually I was promoted to the role of Big Data Developer.

I credit the high-quality applied learning approach of Simplilearn (combining instructor-led training with self-paced lessons) with my success. I also appreciate having lifetime access to course videos, and still refer to them from time to time when I need a refresher!

Take it from me, there’s no reason to stagnate in a career that doesn’t motivate you, especially when quality training options can help chart the path to a bright future. Check out Simplilearn’s many big data offerings, including their comprehensive Big Data Engineer Master’s Program.

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