Indian Premier League IPL 2017 Prize Money

How Much Money IPL Winning Team Will Get in Indian Premier League 2017? Prize Money of IPL Season 10 is Announced. IPL has become the most popular T20 cricket tournament which is played every year. This is the 10th IPL tournament which is going to start from 5th April, 2017 IPL Fixtures Season 10 is uploaded on our site. Billions of IPL cricket lovers are watching this series IPL 2017 Live Streaming from different countries through laptops, mobiles, TV sets as well as other platforms. IPL provides a significant award money to the defending teams and squads.


According to the rules of IPL, top four teams of series will share the prize money. Whereas the rest of the four teams will not get any money. Out of the total prize money earned by a team, half must be shared between players.

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In Vivo IPL 2016, approximately 47 INR Crore was their total budget for all squads to be bestowed. The defending champions Sunrisers Hyderabad SRH only made 20 Crore. Whereas, the Royal Challengers Bangalore RCB bagged 11 INR in total. Kolkata Knight Riders KKR and Gujrat Lions GL who placed in 3rd and 4th position earned 7.5 INR Crore each. In IPL 2017, it is predicted that overall prize money would be climbed by approx. 3 INR Crore from IPL 2016. The defending champ of IPL 2017 estimated to earn 21 INR Crore. In this post I am sharing the complete analysis of prize money for IPL 2017.

Prize Money IPL Season 10 (Indian Premier League) 2017

Teams PositionIPL 2015IPL 2016IPL 2017


15 INR Crore20 INR Crore21 INR Crore


10 INR Crore11 INR Crore12 INR Crore

3rd Team

7.5 INR Crore7.5 INR Crore8 INR Crore

4th Team

7.5 INR Crore7.5 INR Crore8 INR Crore