Top 5 Best Coffee Makers of India in 2022, know in Hindi

At present, people spend a long time in their office or at their work place, in such a situation, coffee has become an essential beverage for them. At the same time, people are getting attracted towards coffee even after seeing the changing trend. Not only this, people also like to drink different types of coffee …


What is PUBG Full Form, What is PUBG

What is PUBG

What is PUBG Full Form present, if any gamer or technology expert is asked which game is the number 1 game in the world, then everyone will have the same answer as PUBG. This is a game that has made people of all age groups crazy about it. The popularity of this game can be …


What is Computer Full Form, what is computer

What is Computer

What is Computer Full Form You must have used computers at some point in your life. If you are a student or you are associated with the field of computer then you must be well aware of computer. Let us tell you that today computer has become an integral part of lost life. The use …


What is CCTV Full Form, what is cctv camera

What is CCTV

What is CCTV Full Form, the speed with which technology is increasing, crime is also increasing at the same speed. While new innovations are happening in technology, criminals also find new ways to commit crimes. In such a situation, CCTV becomes an essential resource of daily life to monitor the increasing crimes. You must have …